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Techtoberfest [Part 3]

We are only at Tuesday #3 of the month and lucky us – we get five of them in total this time! The good news is that we can keep our entertaining theme of the month going for another couple of weeks, and therefore share a few more super useful life hacks around your technology with all our followers. Check it out!

DIY Speaker DIY speaker constructed from an empty paper towel roll and two solo cups.

This is one of the easiest ways to turn your phone into a full-blown sound system! All you need is an empty paper towel roll and two solo cups.

  1. Cut an opening into the middle of the paper towel roll, just wide enough for your phone to fit without falling out.
  2. Cut a hole (the size of the paper towel’s diameter) into each solo cup, close to the bottom of it.
  3. Stick the cups onto the roll, one on each side (see picture on the right).
  4. TURN IT UP!

Two lego figures used as cord holders.One lego mini figure used as a cord holder.Lego Figure Cord Holder

Would you like to get a good laugh every time you need to plug in your phone? Then you should absolutely consider using Lego figures as your cord holders. (The size of their hands allows them to hold on to most standard phone chargers.) You could also tape a small plate (see picture on the left) to the side of your desk and then attach the figures there – whatever makes you the happiest and giggle the most!


Cable Tie Cord Organizer

Cable tie cord organizer.This little life hack goes along with the various other cord-organizing ideas we sent your way previously – and it is so simple! All you need is a bunch of cable ties and you can keep those cords in check without damaging them.

1. Lay out your cords/cables next to each other (probably the toughest part of this exercise).
2. Loosely wrap a cable tie around ALL of them.
3. Tie a cable tie in between each of the cables around the initial tie.
4. Tighten them and cut off the ends – tadaaaaaa!