Halloween bats flying through the air

Techtoberfest [Part 4]

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year – and quite frankly, both young and old get a kick out of it. Kids get to dress up in costumes, go trick-or-treating and then gorge on free candy. Us adults get to dress up as well, sneak candy from the kids, and on top of that enjoy some spooky drinks and cocktails. However, did you know that the tech world gets spooky too around this time of year? In preparation for Halloween 2018 we collected a few spooky Tech Tips for you to make your party a real horror show!

Virtual Reality – Spooky GamesDIY virtual reality glasses

Who knew it was THAT simple to make VR glasses?? For only about $15 you can purchase a pair of Google Cardboards and the fun can begin! It only takes three simple steps to assemble it, with the third step being the strapping in of your phone and entering the VR world. Here comes the spooky part: you can download apps such as “House of Terror VR” or “Sisters” to spruce up your Halloween party. Keep in mind: not everyone handles a scary VR well… If you are looking for something less terrifying, take a look at the app “Cardboard”.

Note: Cardboard supports most Android or iOS phones with screen sizes from 4 to 6 inches.

Spooky Halloween Sounds

Use a spooky Halloween sound app to set the mood at your Halloween gatheringWe know that you know but THERE IS AN APP FOR EVERYTHING! Do you have your own personal Haunted House this year for Halloween? Are you hosting a party at your place? Well, you can’t successfully do either one without the appropriate sounds, right? There are a ton of apps out there such as “Spooky Halloween Sounds” or “Halloween Soundboard”. You will find everything from the “Witch Cackle”, “Creepy Laugh”, and “Creaky Door” to the “Haunted House”, “Horror Ambience”, and “Ultra Terror”. Check it out, most of those apps are free!


Moving Table Props

This will be quite creepy, so tell your guests to brace themselves! If you are looking to scare them good, all you will have to do is set up some Halloween props on a table that will move ON THEIR OWN! How to best go about it? Watch the short video below:

If this is too complicated for you with the motor and such, all you have to do is glue a strong magnet to the prop and then place the other magnet on the bottom of the table right underneath the prop. You can then have someone sit under the table and manually move the magnet to move the attached prop. Just in case you want to be extra scary that night…