Techy New Year’s Resolutions Part II


It’s already the second week of January and we will continue our techy New Year’s Resolutions – especially now, while everyone is still going strong!


At this point, we are all familiar with “fit technology” such as the Fitbit, or apps for your mobile devices that help you get moving while being at work. Those devices and apps help you get started with your overall goal of getting healthy and fit, as they have the ability to constantly remind you of things like your heart rate and your all-day activity. Some of them even have GPS functionality to track your movements and workouts, reminders to increase your physical activities, as well as the option to receive smartphone notifications.

Aside from the Fitbit and other trackers logging your workouts, some of those “fit technology” devices are also capable of tracking your sleep! Scientists and doctors say that good sleep can help you eat less, stay fit, concentrate better, and generally help you achieve your fitness goals. Be on the lookout for “Sleep-Tech Innovations” such as smart mattresses from Tomorrow Sleep or Eight Sleep. Those mattresses include daily sleep reports, built-in bed warming, smart alarms, and so on.

“By creating the optimal environment for you to snooze via temperature controls, sharing data about your REM stats, and creating solutions to help you wake up naturally, digitized beds aim to help you sleep better than ever.” Click here to read more.

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to get fit, healthy, and in shape, this is a great way for you to get started!