Techy New Year’s Resolutions Part V


Start your new year off by focusing on password security! Passwords are meant to protect all of our most sensitive data – and we recommend spending some time revisiting all websites and portals that you have passwords for! You might want to consider updating them to something more secure than your pet’s name, your spouse’s birthday, or “Password1″… This may seem silly to you, but you would be surprised by how many people underestimate the importance of a strong password.

Here are some recommendations for creating strong and difficult-to-crack passwords:

  • Use at least 64 characters in length to support the use of passphrases
  • Make passwords as lengthy as you want, using any characters you like (including spaces), thus aiding memorization
  • It should no longer be required to frequently change a password, unless there is a user request or evidence of authenticator compromise
  • Use a password that is specific to you and therefore not commonly used by other users
  • Additionally, you might want to consider adding multi-factor authentication for all applicable accounts. This means that when you try to log in, you not only have to type in your password, but you will also be given a one-time code (usually being sent to you via text message) that you need to enter as well in order to gain access.

Password Guidance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology