Tech Tip * September 13, 2016

See Better – Get A Lens!

How many times have you wished you could use your smartphone to automatically save something for later? Would you believe that the capability has been available for years now, but no one knows about it? Say hello to Office Lens!

It originally was created for the Windows Phone, but Microsoft has made it an option on the iPhone App Store and Google Play Store on Android. You want to scan a business card and add it to your database later? Go for it! Add pictures to your blog when you get to the office? No problem. It has a built-in hook to send what it captures right to your OneNote notebooks! Hey, and the price is right… FREE!
Missed the window for the free Windows 10 upgrade that expired in July? The new and improved operating system is still a must-have, with many different ways to acquire it. Feel free to ask any questions you many have to our sales team at (610) 353-9010 or email us at Get TechWise!