Tech Tip * January 26, 2016

Trends 2016: Let’s Share!

Data management will continue to be at the forefront for many small and mid-sized businesses in 2016. More and more SMB entities realize that having all of their eggs in one basket might not be the best business continuity strategy. And no one wants to sit and watch tape backups spin for hours, nor do they want to spend countless hours creating a data structure that sits on a vulnerable hardware server in their office.

Enter Microsoft’s SharePoint and OneDrive for Business; two cornerstones of the Office 365 bundle of products. And they are getting some significant upgrades, according to the “father” of SharePoint, Microsoft Corporate VP Jeff Teper in this interview with long-time Microsoft observer Mary Jo Foley for ZDNet.com last month:

Microsoft Vice President Teper: What’s next for OneDrive and SharePoint by Mary Jo Foley