Tech Tip * January 19, 2016

Trends 2016: The New Database

 Businesses generate data. Lots of it. In some cases, relational databases are critical to the decision making some organizations do as a matter of course, and for others, it is a crucial tool for analyzing and massaging data. Heightening the issue is the impending end of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Maybe a database administrator has leaned on the package for their front and back end needs, and are worried that their custom-built beauties are not ready for the inevitable conversion to SQL 2014.

Thus, one of the trends in 2016 is the acceleration of projects to migrate the SQL 2005 instances to 2014. If it is possible. Here is some essential reading on the subject of what to do about the impending doom of 2005: Prepare for SQL Server 2005 upgrade
If you don’t feel this pain, feel fortunate. I’ve spoken to a dozen or so code writers who have no idea where to go from here. But don’t wait – the drop-dead date of April 12th is coming up fast!