One of the new features in Microsoft Outlook is getting meeting suggestions when you search for a person.

Office Apps Updates: What’s New in Outlook – Tech Tip for April 6, 2021

As a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you regularly get new and improved Office features. Staying on top of these changes can be tough. In this month’s Tech Tip series we are going to review some of the latest updates to the Office Apps. First up is Outlook…

Get Meeting Suggestions When You Search for a Person

Microsoft Outlook search with meeting suggestions.
When you type a person’s name in the Microsoft Outlook search box, the most relevant email containing calendar invites will be included with the search result suggestions.

Every Meeting Online

Microsoft Outlook every meeting online option will let you create a Teams meeting by default.
Update your calendar settings to make every meeting you create a Teams Meeting by default so you no longer need to remember to click the Teams Meeting option.

End Meetings Early or Start Late

You can now have Outlook end your meetings a few minutes early or start late. This can help you build in travel time between meetings. You can choose a different duration for meetings under one hour and meetings over one hour.

  1. Select File > Options > Calendar > Calendar options
  2. Check the Shorten appointments and meetings checkbox and select End early or Start late depending on what you want.
  3. Use the drop-down to select the number of minutes for meetings less than one hour (or longer than one hour), then click OK.

Natural Language Search in Outlook

With Natural Language in search, you simply type the way you would ask a question/statement – no fancy syntax is needed.

1. Select the Search box at the top of Outlook, and use your own naturally formed queries. Here are some examples you could try:

Scenario  Example Queries 
Find mail from someone From John
Find email where someone is either on the To or CC list To John
Find emails from someone to someone From John to Mary
Find email sent within a specific date range From John last weekend
From John last month
Emails from previous week
From John on Monday
From John in June
From John between 8/5 and 8/15
From Mary after June and before July
Find email from/to someone with attachment    From John with ppt
Excel shared by Mary
To John with attachment
Attachment from Debra last week
Find emails from someone about a keyword   Emails from John about planning
Find emails with attachments  Emails with attachments 
Find unread emails Unread emails 

2. When you’re done with the search, select Exit Search Exit search icon in Microsoft outlookin the Search box or choose any folder in the navigation pane to exit the search.

Microsoft Outlook exit search pane.

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