Did you see their new photo on Instagram? Look at their status update on Facebook! Hashtag Ohmygoshthisiscrazy!

Social media’s impact on a business is enormous! Sometimes, social media posts can make or break a company, and your company’s social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram should – just like your home – get cleaned up frequently. Keep in mind: our virtual lives can get just as messy and cluttered as our real ones…and therefore need maintenance!

We put together a couple quick tips on how to make sure you cover your basics!


  • Frequently update your profile picture! If your logo changes, make sure you update it everywhere!
  • Make sure the “About” section is filled out and update your contact info and business hours!
  • Watch what you are posting… Political, religious and similar posts might alienate clients who don’t share the same opinions and beliefs.
  • Consider cleaning up the “Likes” and “Friends” you accumulated over time.


  • Make sure you have a captivating headline!
  • Update or replace your profile picture frequently!
  • Add a summary of your business specialties, as well as the contact information!
  • Always add new skills and competencies!
  • Ask happy clients for recommendations and feedback!
  • Always keep it classy – this is a professional networking tool!


  • Complete or update your company’s description!
  • Consider updating your photo, especially if it is no longer up to date.
  • Make sure to not mix professional with personal life – keep your posts separately. Delete any inappropriate posts.
  • Stay consistent throughout your hashtag-use. Consider adding a couple hashtags that are company-specific!
  • Look at the people following you and the ones you are following – Delete negativity!