“So let me ask you this – What’s in your…laptop bag?”


Some people’s answers would be EVERYTHING! Their bags and purses are basically bottomless and contain everything from screwdrivers to make-up to phone chargers to food. It feels like a whole new world in there, and diving in to search for a particular item can be quite the challenge.

However: we totally understand – things happen and you want to be prepared for EVERYTHING, especially when traveling to or from work.

Here is a list of a few helpful items to carry with you in your laptop bag, just in case. (This list was compiled after interviewing TechWise Group employees…)


  1. Chargers Make sure to have a charging cable for every piece of technology you carry with you – you never know when you might need them.
  2. Headphones Taking public transportation to get to work can be quite stressful at times. Having headphones with you that let you tune out any annoying noise could make or break your mornings.
  3. USB Flash Drive These are never a bad idea to have readily available, especially if you have an important presentation come up or when you are traveling for work. You can back up important documents and use them to quickly share, store, and transfer files.
  4. USB Backup Battery – If you have to be on the move for a longer period of time and won’t be able to charge your phone or tablet, this device comes in very handy! They come in very small sizes at affordable prices, and they will charge your devices’ batteries quickly and efficiently – some of them have the capability to even charge devices multiple times.
  5. Ethernet CordUsually, most places you visit will have Wi-Fi; however, being prepared for the Wi-Fi to fail can’t hurt. Carrying an Ethernet cable will do the trick and allow you to go online when the Wi-Fi is unavailable.
  6. Mobile Broadband Modem/ Hotspot – This is a device for connecting your computer to a cellular data network, and it plugs right into the USB port of your laptop. This is a very convenient tool to have when there is no Ethernet port in the wall to plug in or Wi-Fi to connect to and you HAVE to get that important email out!
  7. Adapters and USB Mini Hub Don’t forget your USB to HDMI and USB to RJ11 adapters if you need them for your laptop or tablet.
  8. Screen Cleaning Supplies Being able to see clearly is of the essence. Having a mini screen cleaner spray bottle and a soft microfiber cloth will help you with exactly that! Just make sure it doesn’t spill…
  9. Business CardsMaybe you run into that ONE potential client on your way to work or during your lunch break! By carrying your business cards with you, you make yourself look professional, efficient, and prepared.
  10. Notebook It can’t hurt to have a backup plan with you, just in case technology fails. Be prepared by carrying a pocket book with you for taking quick notes or jotting down ideas.
  11. UmbrellaBe prepared for whatever weather comes your way by carrying a compact umbrella. By keeping its colors neutral and the designs low-key you will look professional even when it rains cats and dogs.
  12. Mints/Gum – …Self-explanatory.

This is by far not everything our techs carry in their laptop bags; however, to anyone working outside the tech business, most of their bag content is unnecessary, so… the items mentioned above seemed the most important 🙂