Tech Tip * May 17, 2016

Nothing Beats a Tasty Pie… Chart!

Yesterday was National Pizza Party Day. To me, it should be a national holiday with all the pies I’ve consumed in my lifetime! I’m now having a Homer Simpson moment, “Mmmmm…. pizza…..” Anyway, to the topic at hand. For some odd reason, the thought of pizza pie didn’t lead me straight to dreams of pumpkin pie (though I’m thinking that NOW); I went sideways and thought of Microsoft Excel!
Pie in a Pie Chart
Pie in a Pie Chart


Excel has always been a bit intimidating for me, with all the cells, formulas, etc. But I’ve found that the most recent versions are way more intuitive and user-friendly. To that end, whereas before trying to create any chart caused unprecedented angst, making a pie chart in Excel 2016 is as easy as… well, you know. But how about making a “pie in a pie” chart? Pretty close to the same, as you can see in the video above. Try it yourself – you might find yourself adding some really cool stuff to your next presentation or proposal in very little time. Enough time to order me a pepperoni with black olives…
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