SQL Server 2008 End of Support is Almost Here! – SQL Licensing

This month is slowly but surely coming to an end. For the month of May, we’ve talked about SQL Server EOL and went over different options for SQL on Azure. But now it’s time to dig into licensing!

When it comes to SQL Server 2017 licensing, it’s all about choice. Depending on your performance needs and price points, you can choose between two editions of SQL Server 2017:

1. Enterprise Edition is great for applications that require high availability and need mission critical in-memory performance. This edition provides advanced security and you have the option to split your data storage between on-premises and the Azure cloud (we call that a hybrid cloud).

2. Standard Edition provides database capabilities for mid-tier applications and data marts (a cost effective way to gain actionable insights quickly!). You can upgrade to Enterprise Edition at any time as your workloads scale.

After selecting the edition that suits your organization, you would then pick the software license that matches:

1. Core-based licensing (or “Per Core” model) allows you to assign a number of core licenses for each server you have running SQL Server 2017 software. This option is suited for the Enterprise Edition. Maximize your machine capabilities for an unlimited number of users and devices. There is no need to buy any other client access licenses (or CALs) and it’s ideal for deploying in virtualized environments while taking advantage of Software Assurance benefits.

2. Server+CAL licensing is the best option for the Standard Edition. You can purchase a license for each server and a client access license (CAL) for each device and/or user. This is the most cost-effective option if you have a limited number of users and devices.

Software Assurance (SA) for Volume Licensing is also a smart investment that will save you money when licensing SQL Server. SA helps you manage your software and receive around the clock support. There are also many benefits associated with the enterprise edition SQL Server 2017. You can access an unlimited number of virtual machines, modernize to the cloud with existing licenses, and remain current with SQL features among many other key advantages.

To learn more about licensing options and Software Assurance, please contact TechWise Group!

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