Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Edge

We love quick and easy keyboard shortcuts! Don’t you? Whether you’re working on a Mac or Windows computer, keyboard shortcuts save you time and quickly become second nature.

For all you MacBook users, please enjoy our Mac Keyboard Shortcuts. And if you’re a Windows 10 user, this week’s Tech Tip is for you!

Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Edge. This will help you surf the web more efficiently!

Press These Keys To Perform This Action
Ctrl + T Open a new tab
Ctrl + N Open a new window
ctrl + Shift + T Reopen the last closed tab
Ctrl + Tab Switch to the next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch to the previous tab
Ctrl + H Open History pane
Ctrl + J Open downloads pane
Ctrl + I Open favorites pane
Ctrl + P Print the current page
Ctrl + D Add current site to Favorites or Reading List
Ctrl + F Find on page
Ctrl + Shift + R Enter Reading View
Ctrl + Shift + P Open a new InPrivate Browsing window
Ctrl + Plus (+) Zoom in (25%)
ctrl + Minus (-) Zoom out (25%)
Ctrl + 0 (zero) Reset zoom level
Backspace or Alt + Left arrow Go back
Alt + Right arrow Go forward
F5 or Ctrl + R Refresh the page
Alt + Shift + click Open link in a new window
Ctrl + click Open link in a new tab